Mezzanine Floor System

Mezzanine Floor System

Product Code: W001
Price: 0.00THB

Mezzanine Floor System
Load Capacity 200 – 400 Kg./m²

Mezzanine Floor structure knock-down type design to solve the problem of usage space in factory and warehouse, which able to assemble to various floor levels with staircase and guardrail, ideal for multipurpose use such as increase a storage space in warehouse, increase area for production, for machines and equipment, etc. The floor designs to support weight load as desired


Specification and Usage :

  • Increase working space for the existing area.
  • Tough structure, able to support heavy weight load, popular among factory and warehouse.
  • Structure has been designed according to the engineering principle to assure the safety.
  • Knock-down structure easy for expandsion and mobilize.